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Meet Our Animals

Lulu & Layla

Mini Donkeys

Lulu is our Granny.  We are unsure of her age, but she is so very loving.  Lulu and her granddaughter, Layla, came to the farm during the summer of 2021.  It took Layla a little while to come around, but by the fall she was loving all the attention.  They were the first farm pets here, and we love them!

Layla & Lulu 1_edited.jpg
Mindy 1


Mini Donkey

Mindy was born 04/06/21.  She is our "baby" in every single aspect of the word.  She is the sweetest girl, and she loves to be led around the farm to meet the kids.


Miniature Cattle

Leroy is a Lowline Angus and Mini Scottish Highland mix.  He is quickly showing the other animals who is boss, but he is our gentle giant.  He honestly looks completely different in the winter with a furrier coat.  His size frightens some of the children, even though his is a mini, so we keep his gate closed to guests.




Our Yorkshire Terrier, Zander, was born in 2018.  He is all bark and no bite!  He thinks he runs this place that is until “Granny” Lulu puts him in his place and runs him out of the fence.  He is the most spoiled animal on this farm, but he is also the most affectionate!  Zander is one of the reasons we are so passionate about our animals.  When we got him, he was very sick, and we didn’t know if he would make it.  With lots of love, attention, and help from our vet, Dr. Todd Mann, he made it through and quickly stole our hearts!

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